“The Pythagorean … having been brought up in the study of mathematics, thought that things are numbers … and that the whole cosmos is a scale and a number.” – Aristotle

By: The late W. J. Ryan, MRAIC In the final months of 1948, when it was certain that confederation with Canada would be completed by Newfoundland in 1949, the RAIC, through its president, the late Doctor A. J. Hazelgrove, FRAIC, invited the Newfoundland architects, to form themselves into an association, as a component society of the Royal Institute.  The invitation from the RAIC was contained in a wire to architects: W. J. Ryan, R. F. Horwood and H. Graham Rennie, who were associates of the RAIC of British Architects. In compliance with this invitation, meetings were held in St. John’s, at Mr. Ryan’s Residence for the purpose of drafting a constitution and proposed legislation for the incorporation of the Newfoundland Association of Architects. When legislation was drafted by a group of architects, together with legal council and the assistance of the Nova Scotia Association of Architects, it was presented to the Commission of Government of Newfoundland, but was not enacted in 1948 because of the change of Government to take place in March 31, 1949, when Nfld. would become the 10th Province of Canada. The Commission form of Government felt, that any such legislation should be enacted by the Provincial Legislature after March 31, 1949. The names of the architects in Newfoundland in 1948 who drafted the necessary documents for the formation of the Nfld. Association were as follows: F.A. Colbourne, R.F. Horwood ARIBA, John E. Hoskins, T.A. Lench, William D. McCarter, F.P. Meschino, MRAIC, H. Graham Rennie ARIBA, and William J. Ryan, MRAIC. On November 10th 1949 a certificate of Registry of Society was issued by the Registrar of Industrial and Provident Societies, for the province of Newfoundland. The Newfoundland. Association of Architects Limited was registered under “The Industrial and Provident Societies Act, 1919” and Amendments thereto. An in augural dinner was held in St. John’s, Nfld. on Saturday evening, December 10, 1949. The first president of the association was William D. McCarter with R. F. Horwood as vice-president and William J. Ryan as Honorary Secretary-Treasurer. For close to seven years after its registration, the association endeavoured to have legislation enacted by the Honourable House of Assembly for the Province of Newfoundland to govern the practice of Architecture in Newfoundland. and Labrador, and it was not until May 10, 1956, the Newfoundland Architects’ Act was passed.